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Chinese Expert

Bates Cosgrave has extensive experience working with Chinese clients, particularly those with Australian business, asset or property interests. Please see below for a selecton of Chinese language brochures.


Inbound and outbound investment and business structuring

Many businesses, especially small business are looking across international borders to buy and sell products and services. Historically the domain of larger business with experience and deeper pockets this type of activity was more formalised and the laws understood.

Cross border transactions and plannings

Whether your company is planning to grow internationally or establish operations in Australia, having the correct taxes and accounting advice is essential. Cross-border taxes is inherently complicated, and shifting across borders introduces new risks, traps, and possibilities.

Tax disputes

Australian taxation is complex and poor management of a tax dispute or investigation by the ATO can be costly, challenging, and stressful. Addressing issues quickly and with expert guidance can make a significant difference to outcomes for you or your business.

Pre-arrival or pre departure individual tax planning

Understanding Australian tax and how tax regulations relate to you may make a major difference in your hip pocket if you want to work in Australia as a temporary or permanent resident.

Back office and global support

A comprehensive and scalable back-office support system that can grow with your company as its needs evolve is what you need.



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GST On Property Development

If you're a property developer then you should know about the changes to GST withholding rules for residential property.

Australian Property Investment

Double tax agreements, residency and income treatment are just some of the considerations that Chinese investors have to be aware of when buying Australian Assets

Common Reporting Standard

China takes important steps to boost international co-operation of tax evasion under the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project. Common reporting standard for tax information exchange with foreign countries will be implemented from 1 January 2017.

Asset Betterment & Taxpayer Onus

Transfers of funds, particularly from overseas business interests, need to be substantiated and accurately reported to stay on the right side of the ATO.