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Business Services

When you’re running a business – big or small – you want to be able to focus on what you do best. Accounting and taxation can be a time-consuming burden that takes you away from that focus, which is where a partner like Bates Cosgrave can help. 


Financial accounts and tax returns

At Bates Cosgrave, we are well aware of the regulatory reporting requirements imposed on individuals and businesses from various statutory bodies including the Australian Taxation Office, ABS, ASIC, State Treasuries, local government, institutions and other professional bodies.

CFO Services

We have consulted to many companies in different industries and in different capacities depending on the business needs. Clients often seek our invaluable experience in support of management decisions on issues concerning sales, product & inventory, business strategy, human resources, asset acquisition and finance strategies, business reporting and risk management.

Back Office Services

We provide back office support for preparing reporting tax, regulatory, statutory and other business needs.

Corporate Affairs (ASIC)

Bates Cosgrave is a trusted provider of corporate director and secretarial services for many of our clients, ensuring that they have peace of mind knowing that they are able tap into our multi-industry expertise, strong corporate governance, managed compliance, and remuneration for board members and employees.


Bates Cosgrave provides comprehensive TAX/BAS/FBT business services.



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