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Tax considerations before moving back to Australia

Tax considerations before moving back to Australia

For many former Australian residents, returning home after working or living abroad for a while can be a busy and exciting time. When returning to Australia, there are some crucial tax considerations to take into account, which you should possibly do before getting entangled in the various other moving related logistics. We’ll cover a few of the tax considerations you should make in this blog post:


When you return home, you will be subject to tax on any shares or investments you acquired while travelling, including those listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in Australia. However, any monetary gain you’ve made up until the point of your return to your country of origin will typically be tax-free. It’s a good idea to declare any dividends upon returning to Australia in order to avoid any future complications, and you should be aware that any profits made above the market value (as of the date of your return) will be subject to tax.


This is very helpful if you’ve been working a job where you’ve been paid in cash, as all cash earnings are tax-free for returning Australian residents. However, it is crucial to disclose any large amount of interest you receive on cash savings and any sizable gains resulting from currency conversion.

Real estate in Australia

When leaving the country, many expats decide to rent out the house they once called home. The good news is that any tax losses you incurred while travelling will now be reimbursed to you and deducted from your Australian income. Also, your former home will be pro-rata tax-free in terms of capital gains tax if you decide to return to it later.

Other real estate

When you return to Australia, any property you’ve purchased with foreign investment will need to be evaluated, and the valuation will serve as a benchmark for the amount of tax you need to pay on the asset. The rent that residents pay if you are renting out the property now that you have left the country will likewise be taxed. 

However, if you lived there, there’s a possibility it would continue to be a tax-free investment for as long as six years, or until you’ve purchased a new house in Australia.

In the event that you want to return to Australia after residing overseas, get in touch with the International tax specialists at Bates Cosgrave to make sure that any tax complications are looked into and resolved.