Five-minute health check

Does your financial position match your lifestyle needs? Take our 5 min health check to find out.

Whether you're just starting to invest or you've accumulated assets and wealth, a health check can ensure that you're on the right path or help you adapt to life's inevitable changes.

Why take a Financial Health Check?

A Financial Health Check helps you to:

  • Think about your goals and understand what you need to plan for.
  • Understand whether your current plans and products are right for you.
  • Identify financial opportunities and risks that relevant to your life stage or wealth profile.
  • Provide the right amount of detail to a professional, experienced financial planner to facilitate a discussion about your goals, your current lifestyle, how to prepare for change and how to maximise your retirement. 

What to expect

So what does a Health Check involve?

  • You answer 30 questions to help identify your goals, your lifestyle and where you want to be.
  • We look at your current position and your goals for the future to produce a Financial Health Report.
  • We work together to tailor a financial plan and wealth strategy for you and your family.

Ready to get started?

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The information (including taxation) contained within this document is of a general nature only and neither represents nor is intended to be personal advice on any particular matter. Bates Cosgrave Wealth Management strongly suggests that no person should act specifically on the basis of the information in this document, but should obtain appropriate professional advice based on their own personal circumstances. Licensed under AFSL 500640


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