Taxation Compliance

Understanding and delivering quality taxation compliance services is an essential part of what Bates Cosgrave does.

We are well experienced in a range of taxpayer profiles. These include self-employed businesses, investors, developers, employment related, international expatriates and inpatriates, entertainers and artists, and primary producers.

Our tax compliance services are aimed at ensuring our clients do not take unnecessary risk positions, and that they are well prepared and informed about all their issues and commitments. While our work is high quality and we do what we can to minimise your risk of audit, we do not guarantee that an audit will not occur. On the basis that the ATO has stated that everyone should expect to have an audit once every five years, we encourage and assist our clients to be ready before queries are raised by the authorities.

Our tax compliance services are backed by our group audit insurance policy should our clients wish to participate in the arrangements.
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