Managing Risk

Planning your financial future is more than just building wealth. It's also about ensuring that you are managing future risk and protecting it for the next generation.

Planning for the unexpected

It's not uncommon for many of us to underestimate or overlook the impact of sudden, unexpected life events that can affect financial goals or plans, for example:
  • Exposure to business risks and the potential impact on your personal assets
  • Loss of income during an extended period of illness or injury
  • Permanent income loss because of disability or long-term illness and the impact on your family or business
  • The impact on your family if you or your partner dies

How can you manage your wealth risks?

Our team will work with you to understand your current wealth strategy, business structure and personal tax position. We work with our knowledge network to tailor a risk management strategy to help protect you, your family and business against these risks by:
  • Ensuring your personal and business insurances are appropriate and adequate.
  • Reviewing your investment structures to ensure they don't expose you to unnecessary risk or tax.
  • Creating an estate planning strategy and putting into place wills, testamentary trusts or other tax vehicles to protect your family and property.
  • Understanding your current business and personal debt structures to ensure they spread the risk.
To find out more, contact our team on 02 9957 4033 or email us with your enquiry and we'll contact you to discuss risk management appropriate to your circumstances.
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