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ignite your wealth

Ready to start building your wealth? 

For a lot of Australians accessing quality professional financial planning may seem out of reach.  That's why we have implemented a digital financial planning service: we offer affordable and transparent advice for smaller investment portfolios.

A smarter way to get investment advice

So how does it work? Our digital investment platform features a range of tools to help you to take ownership of your financial life. In fact, you're in control at every stage in your journey with access to our financial advisory team when you need it.

Our platform enables you to work through the discovery, planning, and investment selection in a structured, self-directed process that generates a Statement of Advice (SOA).

Smart recommendations

Set up in as little as 4 days, your journey starts with an online fact-find and risk profile: This helps us to know what your appetite for risk really is. Once you've completed the fact find and risk profile, you are directed to one of several portfolios recommendations, including a breakdown of asset allocation. 

When you've made your portfolio choice, we help you to get going with a cash management account and online brokerage, along with 24/7 monitoring. Any changes you make are updated dynamically in the background to produce a new SOA.

And no matter where you are, our responsive web platform means you can jump in via your smart phone, tablet or computer.  You can opt to receive notifications (mobile and desktop) about your portfolio's performance and you can choose to rebalance at anytime.

Choose how we contact you

You can also choose how much contact we have with you; we will notify you whenever your portfolio moves by a percentage you choose. Want to know about the smallest fluctuation? Choose the lowest setting. Happy to set and forget? Dial the settings back to a higher percentage and receive fewer messages.

We know there are times you'll want to speak to a fully qualified financial advisor, and we've designed a cost-effective support package to support our clients as and when needed. 

Need more information?

Download the Bates Cosgrave Wealth Management brochure for more information about us or contact our team on 9957 4033.

The information (including taxation) contained within this document is of a general nature only and neither represents nor is intended to be personal advice on any particular matter. Bates Cosgrave Wealth Management strongly suggests that no person should act specifically on the basis of the information in this document, but should obtain appropriate professional advice based on their own personal circumstances. Licensed under AFSL 500640

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