Cross Border Tax

Whether your business is looking to expand overseas or set up operations in Australia, it pays to have the right taxation and accounting guidance. Cross-border taxation is inherently complex and moving across borders presents some unique risks, traps and opportunities.

Experienced, specialist International advisors

Bates Cosgrave has developed a reputation for its guidance on matters relating to international tax strategy, human capital management, and regulatory frameworks both in Australia and abroad. It's our capacity to understand complex issues beyond the Australian border that sets us apart from other accounting firms.

Setting up in Australia

If you're planning to set up a branch or subsidiary in Australia, having the right guidance will help you to navigate the complexities that exist within Australia's tax and regulatory frameworks. This may include:
  • Local accounting requirements
  • Business structure
  • Employee
  • Superannuation and
  • Other regulatory requirements.
We also work with audit, visa and immigration experts, which means you'll be able to tap into knowledge as and when you need it.

Expanding overseas

If you're an Australian business looking to develop your international markets, our International team can provide you with the requisite guidance on:
  • Exporting
  • Setting up overseas
  • Employing overseas staff
  • Managing payments to offshore entities and managing your local tax obligations.
We can also help you to ensure that your business is structured properly to take advantage of opportunities with overseas suppliers and providers.

Expat Taxes

As business becomes increasingly global, employees are becoming increasingly mobile as well. Bates Cosgrave works with organisations and individuals to ensure that they understand the requirements for employees under Australian tax law, for health, residency and superannuation. It is very important to consider pre-entry or pre-departure tax planning.

An International advisory network

Bates Cosgrave has a comprehensive network of advisors in many locations around the world, including the US, UK and China that we can call on when required. This network ensures that your Australian obligations are fully met and your International requirements properly supported.

For more information about International tax, please visit our International Tax services page for more information or contact our team on 02 9957 4033.
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