Corporate Officers

Bates Cosgrave is a trusted provider of corporate director and secretarial services for many of our clients, ensuring that they have peace of mind knowing that they are able tap into our multi-industry expertise, strong corporate governance, managed compliance, and remuneration for board members and employees. 

Relevant Expertise for Your Industry

Our team has a broad reach of experience across many industries. We can help your business to ensure that the right systems are in place – or put into place – and look for the kinds of efficiencies that will improve the business's bottom line, operations cost, delivery, or other functions within the business.


Bates Cosgrave has considerable expertise in supporting boards understand their compliance obligations within Australian federal and state jurisdictions and providing back office support for preparing reporting tax, regulatory, statutory and other compliance needs. Find out more about our compliance services here.

Corporate Governance

We work extensively with start-up, growth, and established businesses to ensure that they have the best advice and appropriate expertise at board level as well as quality support in all areas of accounting, taxation, financial planning and day-to-day business management.

Remuneration for board members and employees

Remuneration and salary packaging including share option plans are important considerations for your board members and employees, and we can help you to implement the best options based on the size, complexity, and lifecycle of your business.

Trusted and insightful advisors

With an ever-increasing focus on board accountability and responsibility, your business needs a trusted, experienced advisor. We offer a strategic partnership for Australian and International companies and access a broad network of complimentary advisors who specialise in areas outside our core expertise.

More information

Please contact us on 02 9957 4033 or email us here to find out more about corporate secretarial services for your organisation

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