MyBiz Expo and the Launch of SME Australia

21 October 2011

Glenn and Dino at MyBizExpo

Bates Cosgrave recently attended the MyBiz Expo, an event planned to coincide with the launch of the SME Association of Australia.  With more than 2 million small businesses in Australia, the SME Association has been established to connect SMEs with each other, with big local and big international businesses, and provide a leading voice for small business owners.

In conjunction with the launch of SME Association, the MyBizExpo event was an opportunity for SMEs to come together to share their experiences, gain insight from speakers during a range of sessions and network with other business owners at the Australian Technology Park in Redfern.

The Bates Team spent two days talking to small business owners about how we help SMEs to manage the financial and strategy needs of their business. Matt, Glenn, Dino, Greg and Theresa were on hand over the two-day event to chat about a range of business ideas and issues.

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If you're interested in find out more about SME Australia, visit their website at or if you'd like to sit with one of our team to discuss issues or opportunities with your business, please contact us on (02) 9957 4033.


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