GHP launch fuel enhancement process to reduce costs and emissions

29 July 2011

L-R: Peter Feeley, Elaine Johns, Karl Veitch, Matt Zhou, Surinder Kaur

Amidst the recent debates about how effective a carbon tax will be in reducing emissions, one Sydney-based company is putting its cards squarely on the automotive table.

Globo Hydro Power Limited has today launched its new fuel enhancing process, designed to dramatically reduce fuel consumption and negative greenhouse gas emissions across Petrol, Diesel, LPG and Bio-Fuel applications.

The process introduces hydrogen in to help fuel burn more efficiently during the combustion process  of an internal combustion engine. Hydrogen enhancement assists the burn rate of fuel during combustion proceedings via a more speedy and wide-spread burn, achieving up to 98% efficiency over a traditional 48 -52% usage of fuel. So the GHP's fuel enhancement process not only reduces emissions it also means that less fuel is used – a win win for the environment, consumers and industry.

Bates Cosgrave's Karl Veitch and Matt Zhou attended today's launch at the Crown Plaza, Norwest Business Park, alongside Government dignitaries and representatives from key brands in the automotive industry .

Bates Cosgrave is working with directors on parts of the GHP operations  as part of phase one of taking their products to the market. It's an exciting opportunity for the team and we're looking forward to assisting GHP with developing their business both in Australia and internationally.

Interested in finding out how the fuel enhancement process works? Watch this video or visit GHP's website for more information about this very innovative company.

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