ATO system outage

February 2017 

The ATO has released several updates relating to the operation of its systems following the significant outages across the ATO network from 12 December 2016 onwards.

The ATO has confirmed that despite the outages that occurred across its systems, no data was lost and that the outage was caused by a failure in the ATO's storage hardware, compounded by the primary backup systems also failing. 

While the ATO worked through the issues with its systems, it announced that taxpayers and agents who were unable to complete lodgements or make payments due to the outages would not be subject to penalties, interest or follow-up action provided action was taken by 10 January 2017. 

Whilst the majority of ATO systems have been fully restored and performance of its various portals and website were improving, there is still considerable work to be completed before all services return to normal.

As a result of the outages, a complete review will be conducted by an independent expert to determine the specific cause of the outages and to ensure that the outages are not repeated. 

The review will also examine the ATO's response to the outages, including their communication with the community and how the resumption of services was managed.

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