Cross Border Human Capital Management

As the global workforce becomes more mobile, businesses and individuals are increasingly turning to Bates Cosgrave for advice on international taxation and cross-border strategies.

Bates Cosgrave Chartered Accountants offer a wide range of services designed to help businesses and individuals to comply with the taxation requirements in Australia in the international context. In particular, we advise:

  • Australian businesses seeking to expand overseas
  • Foreign enterprises starting operations in Australia
  • Individuals with foreign assets and activities

Our approach is designed to help select and implement a total solution for you or your employees, including:

  • Salary packaging, LAFHA, share options and other employment related taxation for Australians going abroad or foreign nationals relocating to Australia
  • UK pension transfer to Australian business superannuation solution backed up by our financial services offering
  • Structuring business operation and placing tax efficient finance
  • Exit planning including capital gains tax
  • Tax treaty interpretation and determination of tax treatment of certain offshore investments

Rules, regulations and reporting requirements vary considerably across tax jurisdictions, and our expertise in the Australian international tax area can help you avoid costly mistakes in your planning and strategy.

We have actively cultivated and developed a network of advisors around the globe that we can call upon to assist us in other jurisdictions and in particular in the UK and USA.

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