Business Strategy

Our experience has told us that success in business comes not just from good product or exceptional sales people. Business success comes from a well balanced, well poised business that follows a clear strategy.

As simple as that may sound, there are few businesses able to even determine an appropriate strategy yet alone implement it, stick to it and make sure it succeeds.

The roles we assume with our clients surround the determination of goals, timelines and then with this information, map a path to success. Depending on the goal and the business this could be a short term or long term assignment but whatever its nature our clients can be sure that we will be there to design, deliver, monitor and drive them until those goals are met.

Can any business owner afford not to have a strategy? A diligent owner would say of course not, and yet, so many businesses just follow a path with no direction.

Business Plans

Essential to business strategy is the documentation outlining the key elements of the strategy, the reasons for decisions and information concerning the business on which the decisions were made.

There are many essential elements to an effective business plan and is one which can be used by many interested parties ranging from banks and lenders, business participants including management and the owners, and potential purchasers.

We have experience in preparing business plans for start up operations, existing businesses and also businesses created through merger. In each case, the elements and thrust of the plans will alter, as will the assumptions, ensuring their is relevance attributed to the particular business depending on its stage in the business life cycle. This is done through detailed analaysis and consultation with the client, personnel and experts as required.

What is essential to a good business plan is to ensure it does not get lost in the bottom drawer, that it is understood, followed and updated by the users. The Plan is essential to most structured management consulting roles.

If your business has no plan, or has an old one, then it it is time to contact us and check what your options are.
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